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Capturing the natural beauty of life

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Capturing the natural beauty of life


Bonjour !

My name is Pauline Mattia. I’m originally from France, mum of 2 and have been living in beautiful Barcelona for 9 years.

As far as I can remember, I have never liked staged photos and flashlights. I never went to a studio to have my portrait taken and always thought the best portraits were the ones taken unexpectedly. When I started travelling as a student and realized my smartphone snapshots and selfies didn't look good in photo albums, I started using my reflex camera every weekend, sometimes lending it to my friends to have a chance to appear in the photos. When I became a mum and discovered the power of quality photos and films to capture my family’s memories, I realized I had to make my art accessible to people around me.

Being a photographer myself, what always gave me most joy in the past was photographing nature, landscapes, people and children. I am fascinated by life on earth and human beings… I mean how lucky are we to get to live, grow, give and share? I enjoy capturing the natural beauty in everyone and everything. And I think beauty does not only lie in peaceful and happy moments but also in imperfections, pain and movement. It’s about the way we dance with life. I think the best portraits and reportages are the ones that reflect our true story, when we can simply be and accept who we are, and celebrate what we love and what we are becoming. I created my brand to capture the beauty of life for everyone to be able to relive and share their memories endlessly, with natural looking yet professional photos and films. To help others feel more joy in day-to-day life.
Pauline Mattia portrait by Miriam Jave cropped

Capturing the natural beauty of life

I never impose nor capture any fake smile or pose, never create an artificial environment or use a flash to make the perfect picture. Instead I get to know you and make you feel great about yourself and get comfortable with me, so you can open up, move and act naturally. I meet you in your favorite environment and help you focus on what matters to you so I can capture your true, happy self and your love for your family or your activity - be it at your place, at work or outdoors - only using natural light!

Gorgeous woman headshot Ciutadella park in black and white, solo picture by Pauline Mattia

"I love these photos so much! The colors are stunning and you captured each of us and us as a family so well. We will treasure these!"


A mother and her daughter playing at Barcelona, family picture by Pauline Mattia

"This is your most beautiful film, and I’m not saying that because they are my kids. I just watched it with a friend who had goosebumps throughout the film. It’s marvellous with the voices and slow motion. Truly magical."


A woman smiling at Barcelona, solo portrait picture by Pauline Mattia

"I really love the pics! Such a new feeling having memories like these! Love the colors, the grain as well, the atmosphere! And that is clear that you are searching so well for the emotions. I am so happy to have these pictures where I also appear! And I especially love my own portraits... This is amazing. My mother cannot stop crying by the way… she loves them so much!"


A man smiling directly to the camera at Barcelona, solo portrait picture by Pauline Mattia

"You blow it up, friend. Amazing work, you just maximize my expectations. We are very lucky to work with you. You put your heart into it and deliver amazing photos."


Would you like me to capture 
the natural beauty of your life? 

You are beautiful the way you are and life is short so book your session now!
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Capturing the natural beauty of life
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